Through The Stomach and Straight To The Heart

We have all heard some version of the old saying “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Watching the years that my G-ma doted on my G-pa; preparing his breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of their lives, I would not argue with the old theory. Their 63 year marriage was an incredible example of a giving love. So are there ways to give in a small amount, on a daily basis, that involves food? I know that I have an amazing husband that wakes me up each morning with a cup of coffee in bed. Some may see that as small, some may have no problem getting their own cup of coffee but that isn’t the point is it. It is someone else thinking about you, and doing something we all do on a daily basis for us. That is what I believe it is all about anyway, the small, day to day moments that we need to pay attention to. So what do we do?

Project #2 – Food of Love

1. Buy a gift card to your special someone’s favorite eating spot and put it in their wallet without telling them.

2. Pack their lunch for them early in the morning so they don’t have to worry about running around at lunch time.

3. Bring them breakfast in bed, or at least get it started in the morning. We all need a good kick off to our day.

4. Make their favorite meal one night for dinner as a surprise. Maybe do it on an evening after a big day at work or your favorite TV night.

5. If the “Boys” or “Girls” night is being hosted at your home for your special someone’s friends, make sure there are plenty of yummy snacks for all of them to enjoy.

6. Now that the weather is getting nice, choose a weekend and pack a picnic lunch and invite your sweetie to head out to the park with you. Lunch is made – all you need to do is enjoy nature.

These are just a couple of small ideas. Take them as a spring board this week for your own project. The goal is to do something helpful for them involving the meals we all eat everyday. Help make the mundane a little sunnier. One thing I started doing was making homemade granola. Shane’s Grandmother made this recipe for his Grandfather. Then Sidna took over making it for Ray and the family. And now, two batches in, I am making it for Shane. I pack him a bag of it to go with his yogurt for a snack at work. It is something he has adored since childhood and making it for him not only makes him so happy, but it feels good to keep a family favorite alive for him. At the end of the day, it should be about doing little things for the ones we love. Good Luck with your food project! Let me know what you decide to do!


5 Responses to “Through The Stomach and Straight To The Heart”

  1. You learning how to make granola is one of my favorite things you’ve done for me recently. It’s just the coolest, plus it tastes awesome!

  2. What cool ideas! Justin would freak if he found a gift card to Fudruckers or Five Guys in his wallet! 🙂

  3. could you forward this post to june without letting her know i suggested it?


    OK – I’m just trying to be funny – don’t let her know I made this bad joke.

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