What I Know Today 3.28.08

• I know that it has – yet again – been a busy week. It kicked off with an extended weekend from Easter. We stayed in CB an extra day and enjoyed Monday with my family. It was awesome! My Mom took me shopping in the morning, we met my Dad for lunch at Valentino’s (Yum-O) and then we headed back home. The beginning of my week was filled with work appointments. We also celebrated Papa Adams’ Birthday at P.F.Changs. I finished up my job at an area school and I even took my first crack at making granola – the famous recipe of Shane’s Grandma Adams. From Monday to Friday – it has been full!

• I know that I have areas of my health that I need to work on. I have really been trying to make some changes over the years. This August will be 3 years of being “Meat-Free” and that has made me feel better. I try hard to eat food in its original state – meaning I don’t make meals out of a box or from the freezer. I have been increasing the number of veggies to the small, but growing, list of veggies that I like. I am taking vitamins and getting lots water. But I have areas that need my attention and new goals need to be formed. I would like to eliminate sugar from my diet. That is pretty huge, I have a sweet tooth. But I will start by limiting it in my day to day life. I also want to eliminate soda (yet again) I feel like an addict that gets on and off the wagon. I am currently 48 hours clean. I would also like to make a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day a part of my routine – something that I don’t even think about. With the suggested time being bumped to 60 minutes I day, I know I need to up it but if I could do the 30 for now, that would make a huge difference. I also need to eat less. I shouldn’t eat as much as Shane does everyday and I do! I need to eat to live, not the other way around. But food is kind of an issue for me (as made obvious by this public spouting) so wish me luck!

• I know I have some serious guilty pleasures at the moment! In time that I should be reading some of the great books I got for Christmas or journaling, I am doing this:

– Dancing around the basement to the new Danity Kane CD.

– Watching too many TV shows at night. When Shane turns to me and asks if we can limit some of the shows we are watching, you know I have a problem.

– I am spending way too much time on the internet looking for new haircuts. I am obsessed with the decision to cut my hair or grow it back and I have wasted lots of hours in pursuit of a new look.

• I know that my Dance Season of 2008-2009 starts up tomorrow! We are having a full Saturday practice to learn our routine we are taking to perform at summer camp. We have a choreographer coming in and we are really excited. It hit me the other night that I now have Seniors on my team. Very special seniors, four ladies of which I am going to miss terribly. I am forewarning my readers – this year may be sappy for me.

So to recap, I have new health goals so don’t ask me to get ice cream with you, I am taking suggestions about my hair cut – feel free to send photo ideas, and I advise anyone who wants to dance around like a crazy video vixen (probably while home alone ) – buy Danity Kane’s new CD. Looking forward to the weekend – I wish you all wonderful moments with friends and family. I leave you with a quote from Brad’s Blog.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim to low, and achieving our mark.”



2 Responses to “What I Know Today 3.28.08”

  1. I’m kind of an enabler when it comes to the food issues. Sorry about that. I suffer from that as well. Two days in a row of working out though…not bad!

  2. Dancing around is excercise! In my book, that definitely counts. Otherwise, Katie and I would not be getting any. I’m trying to do better this week with the eating less and excercising more, but Chipotle makes it so hard! At least all the good candy is almost gone…

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