What I Know Today 2.18.08

• I know that I am happy to be on the upside of this JUNK that is going around! I felt horrible for more then 3 days and I am on the upside now. I had done a pretty good job until last week – Ashley had been sick, all my Dance Team girls are coughing and taking turns being ill. I had loaded up on Airborne and extra Vitamin C but low and behold – I finally weakened. But man does it feel good to be better!

• I know that I love this time of year with my Dance Team. It usually is bitter sweet because we are coming up on tryouts which signals the end to our seniors – but lucky for me, I don’t have ANY seniors this year! No tears! I am getting all my girls back for next year and that is awesome! We go to perform at Mill Valley tomorrow night since Gardner plays there. We have a combo routine with their dance team – 34 girls on the floor – it should be really fun. Then Wednesday we start our tryout week. Monday we tryout and get our new team. We have 15 girls returning, I wonder who and how many new ones we will get. Then the week after that we prep for our huge Spring Show on March 8th! I LOVE Spring Show! So fun!

• I know that the Oscars are going to happen! The Strike is over! Red Carpet Party here we come!

• I know I have some Christmas gift cards burning a hole in my pocket! It is time to shop people – but I don’t have any time! Hopefully soon.

• I know that “Definitely Maybe” is a cute date movie. Go ahead and feel good about buying your ticket to see that one.


3 Responses to “What I Know Today 2.18.08”

  1. I know that I’m still annoyed that no one will give the flu to me so I can have an excuse to stay in bed all day.

    I know that next weekend is going to be crazy.

    I know that Ryan Reynolds is my new man-crush.

  2. kindermusikwithlaurab Says:

    I don’t know. I’m guessing even you, Shane, would get tired of TV if it meant having this crap.

    I’m glad you’re getting better Alli! Now pass the healing this way.

  3. Thank you for the sweeet messages Alli. I love your story of your Grandma’s scissors. See you on Sunday. We can’t wait!

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