What I Know Today 2.7.08

• I know that my last living Grandparent – G-pa Davidson – just turned 90 this week. What an amazing life he has had. I know he is very lonely in his life right now but I admire him for the life he has led all these years. Here is to 91 for your G-pa!

• I know that I am a proud wife right now. When Shane first talked to me about buying a cow for Heifer International I must say that I was doubtful. How would he raise the money, and if he didn’t, I knew he was so passionate about the cause that WE would be buying the cow and I wasn’t ready to shell out the $500.00. But the coolest part about Shane is that he was. He believed in the cause, he believed in his readers and that their hearts would be open to help the less fortunate. I am so impressed with the response of his readers/family/friends and I am also so proud of how he put himself on the line and sacrificed one of his great loves for a larger cause. I don’t think many of you understand the pain this man will go through until the end of May – this man loves meat! But he is being so great about it. He never complains. I am just so excited to see someone believe in an idea and have faith in others to help it succeed.

• I know I am grateful for friends. Shane and I have had two dinners this week with different friends and it has been so enjoyable to engage in conversations over the dinner table. TV off, voices on, – good food and laughter!

• I know that I have successfully kept basil alive in my house for almost a week. Shane and I love making bruschetta – (I wonder why?) so instead of re-buying fresh basil each time the craving hits, we bought the “living” basil at the store and decided to keep it alive and growing. It is looking great! And I love that we have this living herb that we can pull from, cook with and regrow. Pretty cool! Now, I just need to do the same with Cilantro – man I love that stuff!

• I know I have been humbled in the last couple of weeks through a few experiences, conversations and moments with myself. It sounds funny – but I am thankful to have been knocked down a notch and ready to refocus. Thank you to all those circumstances.

• I know I appreciate friends that get me referrals for work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


2 Responses to “What I Know Today 2.7.08”

  1. Let’s make some bruschetta tonight!

    I can’t wait for Memorial Day. I’m going to have a burger AND a steak!

  2. Is it difficult to keep the herbs growing?

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