What I Knew This Weekend 12.14/15/16.07


• I know that with another Christmas Season comes another wonderful Special Olympics performance with the Dance Team. I can’t tell you how touched I was. We do it every year and yet I still feel so moved and warmed by the joy this children bring to our gym. They know nothing but happiness and laughter. And when they stepped onto that floor as their names were announced – they waved and smiled to all the cheering people in the bleachers. What a magical moment for them, what a great moment for me.

• I know it was great to meet my sister’s new boyfriend. She has been so happy and giddy since he came into her life – I wish her the best with him.


• I know I was up way too early for a Saturday – 5:00am! But on the upside – I awoke to a glitter blanket outside. We had morning practice to make up for the two canceled onces we had earlier in the week (due to the ice storm) so I was up early knowing that snow would be waiting for me and the drive. I am so lucky that Shane said he would take me into Gardner – not without a stop for Gingerbread Lattes first. While I was out at practice he got my oil changed too. He is the best!

• I know that I should have started my Christmas shopping earlier. I am actually done with everyone but Shane. The thing is, I also have his birthday to buy for so I have double duty. I went shopping with Ashley and we got a good amount accomplished. I just don’t enjoy the crazy crowds and traffic so like I said, should have started earlier.

• I know that the Living Christmas Tree is a great live, Christmas celebration provided by First Family Church and it is FREE! We started a tradition last year of making an evening out of it with our Dance Team. We go to dinner and then to the Living Christmas Tree and we always have a good time. I honestly enjoyed last years show better, but it was still a good production.

• I know I feel blessed to have in-laws we can call up at 9:00pm and meet for coffee. We had such a nice visit with Ray and Sidna. We really had a great chat with lots of laughs and I appreciate them meeting up with us on the spur of the moment.


• I know it was another full day. Shane and I were involved in church and he a photography duty after the service to update directory pics of our families. We also had our annual Christmas lunch afterwards. The morning went fast – before I knew it, we were pulling out of the church parking lot and it was 1:45pm.

• I know DVR saves us on Sundays. We got home and started catching up on the Chiefs game. I don’t know why…it is so frustrating watching them this year. As soon as the game finished, Shane headed off to replace his tires. Unfortunately, it took twice as long as we thought it would.

• I know that even though you have good intentions to do otherwise,  sometimes the only way to end a busy weekend is with a pizza and TV watching.


3 Responses to “What I Knew This Weekend 12.14/15/16.07”

  1. Mmmmm…pizza.

    I know that I had another great weekend with my wife. Love you baby!

  2. kindermusikwithlaurab Says:

    But the real question is, did you have cookies to go with your pizza and TV watching?

  3. We enjoyed the visit so much! Glad you gave us a call for Starbucks! So eager to see you again. With Byron and Robyn and family here, feel free to visit anytime. They leave sometime Friday – I think noonish.

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