What I Know Today 12.13.07

• I know that Shane and I are probably the only couple that gets up to make a special breakfast to have during the announcement of the Golden Globe nominees. Our most exciting moments; Ryan Gosling for Best Actor in Lars and the Real Girl and Across the Universe for best picture musical or comedy. SO AWESOME! See the entire list here.

• I know that I found beauty in my drive to Gardner this afternoon. Watching the ice drip off of all the tree limbs – it was just glistening and sparkling in the sunlight. It was a really splendid combination of sun and ice. In just days, a winter blast can thaw into glittering water drops onto clean roads and green grass.

• I know that my heart burst wide open today at practice. We are working on our annual holiday dance with the Special Olympics kiddos from Gardner. Each year, they spend a week with our girls and practice a dance that they then perform at a Varsity Basket Ball Game. It is always our last game before break and it is now something the audience looks forward to. Well today at practice, one of the little girls came over to Ashley and I and said “Thank you so much for having me join you guys today.” I almost started crying. I should be the one thanking her. She is the one that brings the real joy to that gym – all these kiddos do. The kids that will never be able to tryout for teams are thanking us for having them there. What a little blessing of true joy she was to me today. She was the same girl that went and had her hair done for the event last year – I can’t wait to see how beautiful she looks tomorrow night at the game!

• I know I love my dog. More than he will ever know. He makes me smile all the time and no matter what anyone says – he understands me. It is pretty great to have him around with me during the day.

• I know I love talking to my Dad. We talk almost everyday on the phone. I also got a cute Christmas card from him today. He is the best.

• I know Shane puts up with a lot of “Dance Drama” – tonight was no different. Thanks Shane!


3 Responses to “What I Know Today 12.13.07”

  1. We are such nerds. We actually high-fived when Across the Universe was announced. And as long as there is more “dance” than “drama”, we should be fine.

  2. I know I love my Love and Sunshine girl!!!!!

  3. maybe Dryfuss (I have no idea how to spell your dogs name – i guess i could look it up but than i wouldn’t bother to do the post if i had to do that much work) back to my point – maybe your dog knows?
    i never did get to see Across the Universe” it didn’t seem to last at the theaters very long. – maybe you could get Shane to put the DVD on his birthday list and i’ll come over and watch it when he gets it!!

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