What I Know Today 12.12.07

• I know that rice crispy treats are just as good if eaten for breakfast.

• I know that if I’m not happy with the painting I am currently working on, it makes it very hard to complete it to a level I am satisfied with. I am trying to finish a painting for my aunt (that is strongly overdue) and it is giving me trouble. I can’t seem to bring it to the finish look I have in my mind. Maybe I am trying too hard.

• I know that my studio is a wreck! I tried to spend some time in there purging today but you would never be able to tell that I filled an entire trash bag. Here’s to chipping away at projects.

• I know that I am happy Saleisha won America’s Next Top Model tonight. Truth be told, I did like Heather’s look but I feel that Saleisha is great for Cover Girl and she is adorable. I wish her all the best –  I love that show! So sorry to see it end this year.

• I know that it really is worth it to take time to paint my nails. It may sound silly or superficial but come on ladies, you know you feel better when your nails are done!

• I know that sometimes decaf coffee is the best way to end your evening.


2 Responses to “What I Know Today 12.12.07”

  1. If only I could stop biting my nails…

  2. you said “purge.” hehe!

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