What I Know Today 12.10.07

• I know that putting up Christmas decorations and lights really does put me in a more “Christmas” mood. I enjoyed doing house-hold jobs today – passing by the lit banister and smelling the pine cones. It is starting to feel more near to me now.

• I know that I still get excited for “snow days”. I am not sure why really – maybe because my Mom is a teacher and so growing up, a snow day meant a special day at home with Mom and Sister. We would have hot chocolate together and Mom would fix us lunch. It was always some of my favorite times. Hearing that we were getting a storm tonight – I got a little excited.

• I know I feel better when I do yoga. I did my DVD today. It took a couple hours to talk myself into it this morning but once I did I had so much more energy for the day. I also feel more at peace – I hope to keep that in mind tomorrow when I want to stay in bed.

• I know how fantastic it is to wrap Christmas gifts! Today was the first round of wrapping and I loved it. I just adore having packages under the tree for loved ones – how great is that!

• I know that I am 30 years old and I still have a Mom that wants me to call when Shane has arrived home from work in this bad weather. I love her so much for that quality.

• I know that you can keep your house at 65 degrees and if you light enough candles – you will be plenty comfortable! Just dress warm if you stop by.


One Response to “What I Know Today 12.10.07”

  1. You might want to also pick up a blanket. It’s a little chilly today. I think there is a coating of ice on the outside of the house.

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