What I Knew This Weekend 12.7/8/9.07


• I know we are done…for this week. We had our last tournament game. The girls did a great job but I will say three games a week is a lot!

• I know I love Chapala! Shane and I went to have dinner after the game. They were so busy. One of the best things about our dinner was this cute older lady who had been a customer about an hour before we got there and she saw how behind they were getting with the crowd so she jumped in and started busing tables and seating people, bringing out drinks and refilling chips. How awesome is that!

• I know I am thankful for Dove Dark Chocolate. Without my M&Ms – I need something right now!


• I know that Saturday is my favorite day! I love having Shane home with me.

• I know that Gingerbread Lattes are better on Saturday’s when you have time to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

• I know that relaxing is good for the soul. So is Christmas shopping. We did a bit of both on Saturday. It felt good to get so much ready for family.

• I know that Chipotle is good but it is even better when part of the proceeds on Sat. went to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Like we need a reason to go.


• I know that this may sound bias but I am so proud of Shane and the message he brought on Sunday. Watching all of his preparation and prayer over it – I am just in awe of his drive to share with others.

• I know it is great to have family support – Jake and Ash made it out Sunday (we missed you Kelly and Ireland) and Ray got home in time. I know it meant a lot to Shane to have them all there. I also appreciate the email my Dad sent Shane in reguards to his thoughts for Sunday and the prayers that were with him. I also enjoyed getting to be a small part of his talk.

• I know I savor Sunday naps. Unfortunately, the Chiefs have been providing a perfect backdrop for a nap this season.

• I know we had a great time at the Young Adult Christmas Party. Shane and I won the trivia game and as a result we won the best gift of the night – pictures to come!

• I know that I don’t usually get a second wind at 10:30pm but I did on Sunday which turned into Christmas decorating. I can’t say we did as much as last year – with Shane’s back being in the shape it is we opted for the little tree and minimal decorations but it still helped to propel my Christmas Spirit. I am thankful that Shane didn’t ring my neck for pulling out books late into the evening on a “work night”.


2 Responses to “What I Knew This Weekend 12.7/8/9.07”

  1. It was a great weekend. I’m so glad we got to spend so much time together. It was also really fun to shop from the comfort of our own home.

  2. I agree that Shane did a terrific job with his sermon, but he also, along with your artful assistance, made the children’s moment one of the best this year. You and Ashley have such a wonderful presentation with the young children. Such a gift you all are to Dad and me. We are SO proud of all our children!!!

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