What I Know Today 12.5.07

• I know I am so thankful that even though Shane got home late, he was still up at 5:00am making me coffee and oatmeal to take with me to morning practice! Thanks honey! I know I wouldn’t function without it.

• I know that I don’t feel 100% yet. I am trying not to complain about it but I am ready to feel better! I took a good long rest today – hopefully it is what my body needed and I will be better soon.

• I know it is Wednesday – which means awesome TV! ANTM and Project Runway.  We also were able to catch up on October Road, Notes From The Underbelly and Samantha Who? I love Wednesday TV night.

• I know I am thankful that Shane likes the veggie black bean quesadillas we had for dinner. They are so good! We make them about once a month (or more). And now that I like tomatoes, we toss in a can of rotel too.

• This is my biggest thankful for the day – as many of you know, there was a shooting in Omaha at the Westroads Mall. I am from that area and my heart sank when the news broke in to report the horrible event. I was called an hour later and told that my high school speech teacher (and the man that announced all the games at St. Albert) had been one of the people. I was so devastated for St. Albert and the loss of two of their best loved teachers this year. But God’s angels were at work. He had surgery after he had been shot and he made it through. Please keep him in your prayers, he is obviously not out of the woods on this yet. His name is Mr. Wilson. He was helping at the gift wrapping station when it happened. Please pray for his recovery. And may we all lift up those families who will be without loved ones this holiday season due to this careless act of violence. May we be those who offer light and hope.


2 Responses to “What I Know Today 12.5.07”

  1. Wednesday is a great day for TV and quesadillas.

  2. i was just reading your posts – i really enjoy your musings, than i get the what has happened to your teacher… sometimes the unreal happenings on tv become the real happens around us. i will pray for your teacher.

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