What I Know Today 12.4.07

• Today was a calm day with myself – just doing choreography for the dance team. I am almost done with making up dances for the year. After this one – I will only have the end of the season light show to work on. I can’t believe our season is almost over, March 8th is our Spring Show and this years team will be finished. Lucky for me we aren’t graduating any seniors this year – I hate that crying at the end of the year!

• I am thankful that our Athletic Director purchased a new radio for us so our music won’t stop. The girls were able to re-do the routine from last week and the music worked great!

• I am thankful that Shane has wonderful, life long friends. He had his poker night last night and even though it is a night apart, I am so thankful that he has great friendships in his life and that he goes and has fun with the boys once and a while.

• I am also thankful for Morning Star Farms Veggie Corn Dogs. I know, they sound gross and I thought that too each time I passed them in the frozen food isle. But I finally tried them – pretty good. And if nothing else, it is added variety to my short list of foods.

“If you don’t know what you want, you won’t recognize it when you get it.” author unknown


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