What I Know Today 12.3.07

• Oatmeal is my new favorite breakfast! But…we ran out of almonds to put on the top and I tried to substitute with peanuts today and it just wasn’t good! NOTE: buy almonds ASAP!

• We are going to enter our first ever Novelty/Prop Routine this year for our dance competitions. It has been really fun to choreograph for the girls and we started teaching it today.

• My sister and I are taking dance class. Monday nights are our big sister nights together for dance. We were laughing about how we never got to take class a kids and here we are, 28 and 30 years old taking our first official dance class. Better late then never!

• My sister proposed a fast from now until Christmas to my family members. We all got to choose what we would give up. I decided that I couldn’t give up chocolate as a whole but I would give it up in my favorite form – M&Ms. So all kinds of M&Ms are banded. I am also giving up soda. I do like my QT fountain drinks and I would like to get back to my soda free life so I am adding that to my list. Now it is out there – I have to stay honest!

• Thanks Shane for going to the grocery store and to pick up my medicine! You are the absolute best!


One Response to “What I Know Today 12.3.07”

  1. Mmmmm…soda.

    Giving up stuff sucks. I’m just hoping that it will result in better health and that will outweigh my grumpy non-soda-ness.

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