Thankful for in the last week of November…

It was a bit of a rough week for me – I have been sick with some type of cold, sinus junk. But some fun things still happened that I am thankful for. Quick recap of some highlights;

• Tuesday was Ashley’s real birthday and we were taken to P.F.Changs by Shane’s family for a delicious birthday dinner. Not only was it fantastic food – I love their veggie lettuce wraps – but we had so much fun laughing together that night. That probably didn’t help my throat condition but if was fun. They have made Ashley a part of their family, I wish I had words to express how much that means to me.

• I am thankful for the loaf of pumpkin bread my mom made us and left for us. Her pumpkin bread is my favorite and it was a great breakfast with my hot tea.

• It is strange but there was one thing about being sick that made me smile. I found myself doing a little trick that I saw my Grandma do all the time. When ever she was using a kleenex, she would shove it down her sleeve so she would have it for latter. I was doing that all week, almost without realizing it until Shane asked where all these kleenex were coming from. I just smiled. I am keeping your spirit alive G-ma, even in the gross ways!

• I must say I am so proud of my dance team right now. At their game on Thursday, their music stopped and skipped about five times and they handled it with such class. They kept going, kept performing and kept smiling. By the end of the routine the audience gave them a standing ovation for their effort to stick with it. They did great!

November was a great month! Here’s to welcoming in December with cookies and hot chocolate!


2 Responses to “Thankful for in the last week of November…”

  1. I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Your girls showed so much class and professionalism on Thursday night. I was very impressed.

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