Thankful for this past weekend…

I am a few days behind – but for good reason, because they were days filled with laughter and family and great food!

• Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of fun for me. Shane and I were the hosts to both families which was wonderful! We all collaborated on the food which was great. I always enjoy cooking with my family. Mom and Dad did the turkey (thanks guys!) and the stuffing, Shane did the mashed potatoes and a turtle pumpkin pie, Sidna did the cranberry relish, the best rolls ever, snicker-doodles and an apple pie, Jake and Kelly brought green bean casserole and oreo balls and I did pretzel balls, chocolate/peanut butter balls and corn and oven cooked carrots and green beans in an onion and apple cider saute’. And Ashley was the inspiration for all things gluten free, Mom even found a way to make her gravy! Everything was delicious! It was a great day sharing together – with Ireland for her first Thanksgiving and with both of our families.

• Friday was a day to celebrate birthdays! Ashley and my Dad always have birthdays around Turkey Day (the 24th and 27th). So we spent the day doing some fun things for Ash. We went to shop at Target for a little, then we headed to the movies to see August Rush – a fantastic film! Then we went to a late lunch at Chapala (Ashley’s favorite). We then swung by Hy-Vee to pick up a gluten free brownie mix and some gluten free ice cream to end the evening. We went back to her place and did gifts for both Ashley and my Dad and dessert and watched a great movie – “Facing The Giants”.  It was another full day.

• Saturday was my Dad’s actual birthday. They were out in Gardner with Ashley for the morning but we were able to meet up for lunch. Then Ash headed to the big KU/MU game and the rest of us hung out at home. We flipped between football, the food network and HGTV. We also made soup from left over turkey, carrots, green beans and corn. It smelled delicious. My Dad was cool spending his B-day low key and that was great for me because I was pretty tired. Ray and Sidna came over to watched the game with us. It was a good night to chill out.

• Today was our normal Sunday afternoon. We had Sunday School, Church (which you did a great job speaking Dad!) and then we came home for left over soup and the Chiefs. Mom and Dad headed home to CB and Shane and I napped. We are now just enjoying some time to ourselves – being lazy.

It is a special weekend when it is filled with all the love of family that we had. We are so very blessed – nothing to complain about at all! It was a full couple of days, I am tired but I am so thankful for BOTH families and each individual that makes up this family. Love to you all!


2 Responses to “Thankful for this past weekend…”

  1. What a great weekend! You were definitely the Hostess with the Mostess.

  2. It was a fabulous weekend. The food was terrific and the fellowship even better. We love sharing days/time with you and your family, Alli. Your family is so much fun to be around and such wonderful individuals. We love each of you. Your hostessing was tops!

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