Thankful for today…

• Today started off really early but there was a lot to do. Shane was awesome and made me a breakfast burrito and coffee to get my day started off right. I had a mural job and needed to be there early and I work a lot better after breakfast!

• I am thankful for the job I had today. It was the bedroom of one of my dance team girls. It is always so fun to do painting for friends and family. I had a good time painting her room and visiting with her mom.

• I am thankful for finishing my job early enough to get home for a short nap before practice. I woke up this morning with a sore throat so I think a little extra sleep did me some good.

• I am so thankful for the response Ashley had to the officer routine I choreographed. It was the first time she had seen the entire thing danced by the girls and she got tears in her eyes. It made me so happy to see her react that way because I really value her opinion. The rest of the team applauded and that made me feel really good. I feel like it really tells a story and that is what I love so much about dance.

• I am thankful for the left overs that Shane had from his work pot-luck. I was excited to have the cooked carrots and green beans for dinner tonight. I am always in need of veggies!

• I am very thankful that Shane went to the doctor to get his back checked out. I think that the chiropractor will really help his pains out a lot and I am hopeful he will get better soon! Please keep him in your prayers

• I am thankful that we are having our Monday Night of TV watching. I love it!

~ With the holiday looming – try to stay stress free. What gets done – gets done and what doesn’t just doesn’t. Don’t worry and  fret about the small stuff. Be with family and count your blessings!


One Response to “Thankful for today…”

  1. I’m thankful that you encouraged me to go to the doctor. My back is starting to feel better, but it still hurts some.

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