Thankful for today…

• I am thankful for the gift of Georgia O’Keeffe cards that Brad and June gave me. I almost cried when I saw them in the gift bag. To get a gift that is so much ME – I mean – she is my favorite artist of all time and to receive her cards as a gift for my own art show – it was just perfect! Thank you so much!

• I am thankful for the afternoon at home watching football and taking a little snooze.

• I am thankful for Reece’s birthday party that we went to tonight. He is four! I can’t believe it! He is our little buddy and we had lots of fun watching him open gifts, eating cake and watching his video. Plus it gave me the excuse to eat a cupcake! I hope four is a great year for you Reece!

• I am thankful for the second wind I got this evening because it gave me the ability to finish the painting I was doing for the Winters. I am really happy with it and I am looking forward to delivering it to them this week.

~It was a good weekend – very full but wonderful! They always go too fast and before I know it, it is early Monday morning again. I hope you all had an amazing weekend!


One Response to “Thankful for today…”

  1. I always love watching football on Sundays with you!

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