Thankful for today…

• I am SO THANKFUL for this day! Shane planned our entire Saturday as a surprise to me. We slept in and once we woke up, Shane made breakfast burritos for us. Then we got ready, grabbed our Starbucks and headed down to the Plaza and what a perfect day for walking around! The weather was gorgeous! We first went to Anthropologie – my favorite store ever! And Shane just let me walk around and touch everything. I like pretending that the store is my huge walk-in closet and I just admire each and every piece as I pass by. I bought a great hand made journal that I am looking forward to documenting my 2008 in. After that we walked around to a few other places and then Shane took us over to the Nelson Atkins Museum. We went through the new Bloch Building of contemporary art. It was cool to see. We then walked around outside in the sculpture garden and even laid in the grass under the sun for a while. It was awesome.  When we were finished, we took the scenic route home down the tree lined road of Lee Boulevard. We then stopped at Town Center and did a little shopping – some of which can not be mentioned due to upcoming birthdays and holidays but it was fun. Our stop here made it even more fun! On the way home, we stopped at Target to buy Shrek 3 – (so funny) and then we picked up Chipotle to take home with us.  We enjoyed our dinner while watching the latest episode of The Office. It was the best day! So, the short version is…

Today, I am thankful for you Shane and the planning of a wonderful Saturday for us!


2 Responses to “Thankful for today…”

  1. It was a great day for both of us! I had a lot of fun with you on the special Saturday.

  2. Sorry, Alli, homemade cookies (and Girl Scout Thin Mints) are the bomb compared to Blue Chip Cookies. I have been dreaming of Sidna’s Oatmeal CC Cookioes and Snickerdoodles with about a gallon of cold milk for the last week. I will share, though.

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