Thankful for today…

• I am thankful for the second pot of coffee Shane made. I got home from morning practice around 8:00am and he made a pot of our new Christmas Blend from Starbucks – Yum-o!

• I am thankful for this. Shane showed me this and I think it is so romantic! Scroll down – read from the bottom up. We really are all connected – if we take the opportunity to be present for our life.

• I am thankful that Shane and I pray together every morning before we leave for work. My parents have always done this and it is something we have done for the past year and I love it. My day isn’t started off right without that. It is spiritual coffee!

• I am thankful for the rest of the cleaning I accomplished this afternoon. Don’t you always feel better when things are picked up?

• I am thankful that the Officers finished learning the routine. It looks great and I can’t wait for them to perform it.

• I am thankful for our night at home with Jake, Kelly and Baby Ireland. They came over for dinner and to watch the first episode of this seasons Project Runway. I made bean burritos and a corn salsa. It was a good night. It is always so fun being with them because not only are they my family but they are also great friends to Shane and I.


One Response to “Thankful for today…”

  1. Loved the NYGirlofMyDreams post. So creative.

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