Thankful for today…

• I am loving Vans Wheat Free/Gluten Free Waffles. I toast one up on the mornings I have dance practice at 6:00am and take it with me. I put some peanut butter and honey on it and off I go.

• I am thankful for the two appointments I had today. I booked both jobs from those meetings. I am really excited to get some extra work in before Thanksgiving.

• I am thankful for Jake and Kelly – they are at such an exciting time right now – planning their wedding. It is so fun to get calls from them with new updates. I love you guys!

• I have choreographed the routine that our three Captains will do at competition. It really is a story that they are telling and I am so pleased with the way they are performing it. It is to the coolest song – Apologize – and they are really doing great with it. It is so neat to see a vision in your head and then to have these three amazing dancers make it come to life.

• I am thankful for my dinner with Ash – Chapala never fails us.

• I am thankful for my hair appointment today. Ash and I made ours together and we had so much fun there until about 10:30pm. I mean really people – name something better then having your hair washed, and then dried…ahhhhh. I even love the feeling of having it cut – the combing through and the lifting of the hair as she snips snips snips – i love it. Then all the styling. It is awesome – I wish Sarah could get my hair ready for me everyday!

• I am SO excited that Project Runway started tonight! YES! I didn’t get to watch it because I got home too late but I can’t wait to see it soon! I love that show.


4 Responses to “Thankful for today…”

  1. Your hair looks great!

  2. getting your hair washed and massaged is one of the greatest feelings ever!!!

  3. Can’t wait to watch Project Runway tonight!

  4. I’m not sure how much I can comment about hair, but I did fall asleep in the barber chair today in Baku during the 30 seconds it took him to cut my hair!!!!

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