Thankful for today…

• I was thrilled to sleep until 8:00am this morning!

• I started my Saturday with a venti Gingerbread Latte’ – ahhhh…sweet Starbucks.

• I am thankful to have a Saturday where Shane and I could do something fun together. We planned a movie marathon to kick off before noon (in order to get the $5.00 ticket prices). We had it planned down to the minute so we could see the hour and a half movie at 10:15 and then make the 11:55 second movie – just squeaking under the noon cut off time. We saw Lions for Lambs and Lars and The Real Girl.  We kicked off with Lions for Lambs and it was just great all around – great actors, great acting and three very interesting perspectives on current issues. I thought it was a terrific film. Lars was so endearing and full of humanity. I fell in love with this film. It isn’t for everyone – but I laughed and cried – that usually means a home run for me.

• We then detoured our day to Children’s Mercy. Ireland went into the Dr. Without going into details – I just want to say how thankfu I am to report she is home and is going to be fine. I am thankful for the prayers said on her behalf and for the support of family in tough times. We love you Ireland!

• I am thankful for the laughs Casey (Kelly’s sister) and I had in the hospital when talking about Jem and the Holograms.

• I am thankful for the third and final of my monthly magazines that arrived today. It will come in handy on our 2 plus hour drive tomorrow.

• I am thankful for spending the rest of the evening at home – catching up on our TV shows from the past week, sitting between Shane and Dreyfuss and enjoying the fragrance of our chocolate candle.

Quote for today ~

“Some people complain because God put thorns on roses,
while others praise Him for putting roses among thorns.”


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