Thankful for today…

• We have 6:00am practice with our Dance Team twice a week and it isn’t always easy to get up but one thing I am always so thankful for on those Wednesdays and Fridays is that Shane gets up to make me a large cup of coffee to go.

• I am thankful for coming back at the end of practice and taking an early morning nap with Dreyfusss.

• We had a pep rally at school today and our girls did a great job with their routine.

• I really enjoyed working with our Officers on their competition routine. It is a new style for them and they are doing a really great job embracing all my ideas.

• I am really thankful for the “sister night” Ashley and I had. We went to eat at Chapala – that is our “sister spot” and then we went to see a delightful movie – Martian Child. It is a warm, heart felt film about people. If you have ever felt different, lonely or even from another planet – go and see this movie. The acting is incredible as well – I think John Cusack is so talented.

• Ash and I then shopped at Target until it closed. Sister Night was a ton of fun!

• I am thankful that Shane worked so hard preparing for his talk Sunday. I am always inspired by the way he puts himself out there.

Thought for the day~

” He who does not heed the call of his own passions will inevitably end up somewhere he did not intend to go.”


One Response to “Thankful for today…”

  1. Love the quote. Thanks for all the little pieces of your beauty reflected in your thoughts. My Dad told me “the only way you can be absolutely certain you won’t fail is to never try anything”. I am thankful that my family is adventurous and that I get to share in the journey with you.

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