Thankful for today…

• Shane got up and made breakfast and coffee for me since I had to be out at my mural job early.

• I am thankful to have the blessing of painting for a living – and I was reminded of that today.

• I am thankful for Morning Star Farms Veggie Chix Patty – so good to have a “chicken” sandwich again.

• I give thanks for the awesome girls on my dance team. I receive unconditional love from them – and I can push them pretty hard. But every practice I am greeted by smiles, loving waves and cheerful hellos. Even when coaching is a struggle for me – it is never about them, they are amazing young ladies.

• I am enjoying the chilly weather.

• I am thankful for my Mom – she was available for me today when I needed to be calmed down – thank you!

• I am so happy to be married to Shane. After having him gone this weekend – I just can’t even imagine my life without him.

• I love Dancing With The Stars – I look forward to watching it each week. I miss dancing, I want to take a class!

• I just heard that the show October Road will be back on in three weeks – I really liked that show last year when it premiered. Pizza Girl Rocks!

To leave you with a thought from SARK

“May you be deeply filled by all that you do and are and at challenging moments, apply great doses of self love.”


2 Responses to “Thankful for today…”

  1. I love that you are doing this. Your thoughts are always so nice to read.

  2. I love how you express yourself so beautifully, Alli. It’s a wonderful gift that you have given our family and many others that you are associated with. It’s a treasure to see how you and Ashley interact with those dance team girls, and how your depth of insight is shared with them. I am blessed to have you in my life, and so blessed that our son is so happy in his. I’m thankful for YOU.

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