The Month For Being Thankful

Coming off of the “holiday” that I care for the least – I am very excited for Thanksgiving. I really love this holiday because I can actually get behind the concept of giving thanks for the blessings in our lives. Last year I blogged everyday about ONE thing I was thankful for but this year, I think I will try to post about various things I observe from day to day day to give thanks for.

• I saw a little girl on the sidewalk using her homework to scoop up a caterpillar.

• I am thankful for the way Dreyfuss snuggles with me when we nap.

• I am enjoying the beautiful fresh flowers on my kitchen table.

• I look forward to the weekly cards I get from my Dad.

• The Ginger Bread Latte is back at Starbucks – Yum-O!

• I have an adorable niece!

• I am so excited for my friend Laura – she just opened her own Musical Footsteps Studio. I admire all women out there taking a risk to run their own business.

In the routine of all our busy lives – I know it is hard to notice the small moments around us. But to honor the month of giving thanks – I wish you all fresh eyes to see what makes you smile.


4 Responses to “The Month For Being Thankful”

  1. awesome post! love you sis. you are an awesome person. we wish people could be more like you.

  2. I’m thankful for every day I can spend with you and our family members. I’m thankful for your insight and love of life. I’m thankful for you, Alli.

  3. I’m thankful to be home from Atlanta! LOVE YOU!

  4. kindermusikwithlaurab Says:

    I’m thankful I have such a beautiful friendship with such an amazing you!

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