Go Outside Today

I was out enjoying a walk with Dreyfuss this morning. I know I have said this every year of my life but Autumn is my favorite season! I adore this time of year! The sun is still glowing but there is a crisp bite in the air letting you know colder days are luming. What could be wrong about weather that makes you look forward to that hot cup of coffee (Gingerbread Latte Time at Starbucks is HERE!) in the morning and a warm bowl of chili on Chiefs Sunday. I love when it is time to pull out the scarves and the desire to buy fuzzy hoodie-sweaters. I like waking up to our house being chilly – which in turn makes me want to light all the delicious smelling chocolate candles I have. It is time to snuggle up, get cozy and watch the changing colors outside. Welcome November! I look forward to your days ahead.


One Response to “Go Outside Today”

  1. Amen to that honey! Gingerbread Latte Time is the best! And we got a secret sneak preview…

    Wish I could have been out walking with you guys this morning instead of at stupid work.

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