Expressions – My Art Show

Alli Arnold Art - Custom Paintings

I am so very excited for my art show that is taking place this Sunday, October 28th from 4-8pm.  It is at Terrace on the Green at 151st and Nall. Ray and Sidna are hosting the show for me, there is going to be great food and live music!  I have ten new paintings that will debut at the show and I can’t wait for my family and friends to see them. All readers – you are invited to come! I hope it will be a fantastic evening!


6 Responses to “Expressions – My Art Show”

  1. lookin’ forward to it!

  2. Alli~
    It was wonderful!

  3. it was awesome, sis! everything looked fantastic and the food was delicious! i can’t wait until we get a house and have you paint us something sweet!

  4. how did it go twin? wish we could have come.

  5. post something new!

  6. It was wonderful, Alli. I was SO proud to introduce you to my friends.

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