My (Belated) Birthday

I am 30. I have been for almost two months. Can you believe it? I can’t. I am not really having a hard time with the age because it is just a number to me. But what is shocking is how fast the last seven years have gone. I say seven because that is how long I have been out of college and for some reason that is the point of reference I use, maybe because I still feel that age. It has just gone so fast…I have loved the last seven years but man – things could slow down a bit! My G-ma always told me “the older you get, the faster it goes” I am not ready for that!

I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday twice this year – once with Shane’s family and once with mine. On my actual birthday I spent the day with Shane. It has become tradition for him to take off work and we hang out together. We had a fun day. That evening we met up with Jake and Kelly (Baby Ireland hadn’t come out yet), Ashley and Sidna for dinner at P.F.Changs – YUM-O! It is one of the few places we can all eat that will meet our never ending food issues. They have a gluten free menu for Ashley, I love their veggie tofu lettuce wraps and Kelly could find something not too hot for Baby Ireland. We had a fun time and I was given some great gifts!


Then over Labor Day weekend we went up to Council Bluffs and we were able to celebrate with Mom and Dad. We went to see a movie and we also went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants – Trini’s in the Old Market. I LOVE this place! It is just a hole in the wall in the Old Market area but the food is great. Mexican is another kind of food that Ashley and I can both eat so this was a good pick…and I just enjoy going down there so much. I wish my backyard looked like this under-pass where Trini’s is.



I feel that our trip to Italy this summer was the best birthday gift I could ask for! Thank you so much Shane!


But it is always so great to celebrate with loved ones. I always have fun getting together with family. Thanks everyone for spending my special day with me and for all the amazing gifts, even the surprise second gifts Mom and Dad! You are too kind to me! I am very blessed.

I am feeling positive about this year. I want to make it a healthy year – mind, body and spirit. I now am an Aunt to beautiful Ireland so I am looking forward to that new role in my life. I am having my first solo art show at the end of the month (all readers are invited; more info to follow). I have introduced twice as many veggies and fruits into my diet – that is huge for me people! I am trying to cut back on the Chipotle (I only had it on Sunday the last two weeks) and I am trying to add more yoga and exercise in place of it. And I am learning to accept those things I can’t control but I am going to keep fighting the good fight in regards to the gravity that is taking hold on my ass and the new lines under my eyes. I am not going to stop dying my hair or dancing around the house to Kelly Clarkson. I will never be too old to color or to take naps. I just hope to age as gracefully as the beautiful women in my family. Here’s to making 30 awesome!


4 Responses to “My (Belated) Birthday”

  1. You are an extremely well-adjusted (and might I say HOT) 30-year-old. I have this friend (let’s call him Blaine), who really struggled a lot with 30. I was worried that he might have a breakdown.

    Fortunately, he had an awesome wife to help him get through it. God knows I couldn’t help him.

  2. You are a tremendously beautiful 30-year-old! Cudos to you for braving the new veggies and fruits!!! You are a blessing to me…to all of us!

  3. Welcome to the 30s. This decade rocks, and I hear it only gets better. I loved number 30 and am enjoying 32 even more (it brought me my Cadence Jewel). I’m looking forward to what the rest of the 30s have in store.

    Wish I could be with you for your show at the end of the month. I’ll be with you in spirit.

    All the best.

  4. it was fun celebrating it with you, sis! can’t wait for your show! then hopefully after that you have time to blog more. because i really enjoy reading your posts.

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