Our Blazerettes This Year

Here are the first three performances of our Dance Team. We have the sweetest girls this year! We don’t have any seniors in our 17 member squad but we do have such a great work ethic and determination. Ashley and I are loving being their coach and we are really having fun this season so far. We hope you like watching their routines. The first is their Kick Routine to “Pump It” from our towel scrimmage and the second is the routine they competed with at camp this summer called “Good Luck”. They performed it at the back-to-school pep rally two weeks ago. The third is from this past Friday night’s home opener. Our first football game performance went great! We have another home game this coming Friday, come on out to Gardner if you want! Hope you enjoy the routines!


4 Responses to “Our Blazerettes This Year”

  1. kindermusikwithlaurab Says:

    Alli (and Ash), they look great!!! You guys should be so proud. I can only imagine how much work you put in to get them to that point.

  2. Word! Best coaches EVER!

  3. The girls look terrific! Thanks for sharing them this way since we haven’t had a chance to see the team in person. You are amazing coaches to get this type of performance!

  4. save a horse ride a blazerette! just kiddin (inside joke from years ago) you guys do a terrific job with the girls every year.

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