The impulse cut…

I cut my hair. I shouldn’t be allowed to watch movies the night before a hair appointment and then impulsively cut my hair. Shane and I rented Factory Girl and I fell in love with Sienna Miller’s character Edie and the major chop she did to her locks in the movie. Not only do I feel that performance should have been up for a best actress nominee – but I loved the hair cut enough to tell my girl to chop away. I didn’t go that short and I didn’t go blond like Edie but I did cut a bunch off.

Here is my new cut…


Now, I am acting like I have never cut my hair before and that is just ridiculous! Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy changing my hair – cut and color. My poor husband – look at all the different women he has been married to in the last 7 years:


Looking at those pictures it is hard to believe I have done all that to my hair and I am worried about the latest impulse cut. It will obviously change again…soon.


7 Responses to “The impulse cut…”

  1. Jackie Stowell Says:

    I love it sister! Way to be brave…we will see if I’m brave enough tonight when I get mine done!

  2. I don’t know what you are worried about…you are beautiful with ANY cut!

  3. kindermusikwithlaurab Says:

    Love it!!!!!! I think I just told you a couple of weeks ago, I thought you’d look great with shorter hair (that vaca. photo where it looked like it was chopped). And you manage to look great with any cut!

  4. I love this. We should send it to IN STYLE and see if they will put it in the next issue to show how your style has changed over the years. It’s awesome.

  5. Every “look” you have had done on your hair has been great because your beauty overshadows the cut!

  6. so many different looks for the cheetah. It’s cool to see them all together. shane is right you wear them all well.

  7. seriously awesome haircut.

    love it.


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