Our last destination of the trip. We planned it that way, not only that we would work our way south through Italy but so we could spend the remaining days in a beautiful, seaside location relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We were really looking forward to the days ahead where we could just unwind in such gorgeous surroundings. Two full weeks of travel, many train rides and much exploring – we were in need of some R&R. And doesn’t this look like a great place to do so…


This is our property that we stayed at for the week.



This is where we ate breakfast every morning.



We even had a garden of lemon trees on our property. I can’t even tell you how much I loved those trees!


The property, Villa Scarpariello Relais, is charming and beautiful. The multi-level grounds are built into the side of the cliff that runs into the sea. Flowers cover every inch – making rainbows of colors dance in the ocean breeze. Rustic stone steps lead you up and down the tiers of the property – the breakfast level, the swimming pool, the different rooms and the platform to the sea. You really do feel as if you are caught in time in this amazing castle, completely separated from the world. It feels that way because it really was a castle occupied by the 11th century Prince of Amalfi and visited by names such as Jackie Kennedy and the Pope. And yet, just as I shared you feel like you are caught in time here – you are also kept away from many conveniences. It wasn’t easy to get around in Amalfi – or should I say, it wasn’t Cheap. A mile cab ride is a minimum of 15 Euro – and walking anywhere is taking your life into your hands! (I was a foot away from being clipped by a motorcycle one night) I guess it worked out well that I kept us at our property for most of the week…we believe that I got a form of food poisoning the first or second night. Shane recaps the event enough so you can read it here, but I will spare you all the gory details of one of the most horrible nights of sickness ever. I felt so terrible to get sick on our dream vacation. I can’t even describe the guilt I felt for getting so sick and staying in for the two days to follow. I know it isn’t my fault but man, it feels like such a waste to be laying inside when you can hear the waves crashing below and see the sun streaming in. I even tried to go and lay outside on the lounge chairs for a while – but with that heat – it didn’t last long. So instead, I got very familiar with the view of the cliff side in our room – that’s right, below you will see our room that was built directly onto the cliff – which then served as one of our four walls.


With about two days remaining – we tried to venture out. We took small trips around the coast and returned to our property with half the day remaining. We saved money on food because my appetite wasn’t back to normal but then again – we did have Shane’s fish fiasco to pay for. We visited the most beautiful gardens in Ravello called Villa Cimbrone.


We also took a boat ride down the coast to visit the Island of Capri.


Capri only provided me with the best lemon cookies I have ever had – we ended up buying 20 and I don’t mind admitting it because they were so incredible. Capri is “hoity-toity” as I liked to call it and I wasn’t that impressed. Maybe you need more money to be impressed but at least it gave me the best cookie ever.

Of all of our vacation stops – I think Shane and I would offer advice on traveling to Amalfi. The other destinations have so much info and travel tips on them as it is – but the Amalfi Coast is a bit of a mystery and being there for a week, I think we learned some valuable lessons and tips for when we return. Anyone wishing to go (and you should, it is beautiful!) give us a call, we’d be happy to pass on all we learned.

The week in Amalfi really did turn out to be about relaxation. Had I not gotten sick, we may have pushed ourselves into more activities or day trips but it ended up working out that we had to relax. Shane was able to read a lot, he got through 2 books just that week. We journaled and I sketched, read some magazines and took lots of naps. So in some ways, it worked out fine. It forced us to chill a bit. Looking back, it was pretty incredible to relax in such an amazing place.



3 Responses to “Amalfi”

  1. I love you Alli! This was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait until next summer’s trip to Jamaica for the wedding and anything else we decide to do.

  2. You’re a hot chickie in those glasses!! You guys are going to Jamaica next summer?!?!? We’re going this November for Jonathan Winters wedding. Rich is marrying he and his fiancee!! Too bad we won’t be going at the same time. 🙂

    Amalfi looks gorgeous!

  3. We are thrilled you and Shane had the opportunity to travel to 2 other countries, and I am pleased it was such a wonderful experience. It helps you embrace life in different environments and see beautiful buildings that you’ve only read about. What a gift it is to be able to do this! Where will you go next (besides the wedding in Jamaica)?

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