ROME – what an interesting city full of ancient stories and rich history. Rome is also a crazy contradiction of old and new. I thought Rome would be in its ancient state still – I imagined ruins everywhere and old churches – which there were, but there was also the infiltration of modern buildings, massive amounts of chain stores and eating places and traffic, traffic, traffic. I know it is wishful thinking to hope that a city the size of Rome would stay put in ancient times and not progress with technology advancements but I was yearning for a historic visit and not a McDonalds around every corner. So we did our best to focus our time and efforts into those areas. We saw amazing art. We went through the Vatican which was just so impressive in all ways. We explored the most beautiful church – St. Peter’s. We went through the ruins at Palentine Hill and visited the Colosseum with a crazy tour guide (read Shane’s post). We walked a ton! We climbed a million steps. Every ounce of food I was gorging myself on was literally walked off! It was nice though, you really get to explore more on foot.inside-stpeters.jpgrome.jpg


I felt like we saw so many things in Rome. It felt like a whirlwind. We crammed a lot into our days there. But we left without feeling we missed anything so that is a good sign.


It is a bit overwhelming to stand in places that the greats did. I found myself very moved in the Sistine Chapel – just thinking that Michelangelo worked away on this master piece. I stood in awe in the midst of ruins that were built thousands of years ago. You have the chance to stand in places of worship, of art, of grand architecture.





We had a lot of fun in Rome. Rome comes with high expectations – it is one of those destinations which holds the “important must-sees of your lifetime” but that is ok. It is fun and it is a place I think I would like to go back to. I wish my Dad would fly because I would love to see the Sistine Chapel with him. I don’t want to live in Rome – it didn’t pass that test like Paris did but I think it would be a fun place to return to with a group of friends. We even made friends while we were there – we became regulars at Caffe Leonardo – the staff knew us after the first night and by the end, we were asking adivce as to what to see in the city next and they were wishing us a quick return to Rome. Leonardo – if and when we return, we will be there for dinner – have the flat bread foccacia ready!



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  1. That is one SEXY tubby husband of yours!

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