It really isn’t Florence’s fault – she was set up to fail from the start. After the love affair I had with Venice any destination that followed would suffer. I also believe I had envisioned “Under the Tuscan Sun” a little too much and didn’t take into account that “The Heart Of The Tuscany” translates to a CITY. Where were the sunflower fields and old farm houses sitting on vinyards? Not in Florence. Right after stepping out of the train station I felt my heart sink a bit – is this the Tuscany we were going to experience?



We just needed to adapt. It wasn’t going to be what we thought – but we only had two days there. So we tried our hardest to take advantage of Florence – already knowing that we wouldn’t be coming back. I didn’t hate it – don’t get me wrong, and for a weekend getaway, it is awesome. But it just wasn’t measuring up to the previous cities.

We did see the most amazing sculpture I have ever seen – The David. I know, I know – everyone says that blah blah blah but I really mean it from a personal standpoint. I am not as much of an admirer of sculpture as I am of paintings but I was blown away by the perfection of David. I have never seen anything like it. So for if for nothing than that, thank you Florence for David. We also went to other museums and saw great works like the Birth of Venus. We had a mix of good and bad food there. We loved our hotel. One of my favorite parts of Florence was that we would go up to our rooftop to journal and sketch each night we were there and watch the sun go down…it was lovely.


After feeling let down a bit, I tried to think of Florence as a fun weekend excursion – then it seemed pretty good. We saw some great things and had fun doing so – we even had fun being disappointed together. It was a great city to transition us from the calm pace of Venice into our next stop on our trip – Rome.


2 Responses to “Florence”

  1. Reading your account of it almost makes me want to give Florence a second chance!

  2. kindermusikwithlaurab Says:

    You guys are getting way too good at the self-portrait shots! Our’s are still a little lacking now that we have 3 distinct heights to deal with : )

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