Venice was my absolute favorite destination on our trip. It wasn’t because of any fancy hotel or a specific tourist attraction – it was just the organic feel of an isolated city. It is amazing.





Venice is has a romantic, intimate feeling. Maybe it is the constant awarness of your seclusion, or maybe it is that the roads are water, or the lack of destracting noise from cars and traffic, maybe it is that you must walk and explore every inch of the canals yourself – you have to get into the city, breath it, smell it and experience it in a very honest way. It isn’t being seen from a tour bus or on a guided tour talking about all the historical facts – Venice waits for you to get lost and find your own way. It is the best place to get lost in, because you are never really lost – you can’t leave the island. But you just let each intersecting corner choose a direction for you, and then you head that way. Bright colors having been worn by water and weather surround you and the rainbow of laundry lines dry overhead in the sunlight, giving you a glimpse into a person’s life.



To many looking from the outside in, they may say we didn’t do much there. But it was such a great couple of days just holding hands, eating gelato every day and talking inside a place that has remained authentic to itself. Falling in love with Venice was like meeting your new best friend at summer camp and then having to leave at the end of the week. You have learned enough about them to love and admire all their wonderful qualities but not enough time has passed to learn anything you may dislike. You leave completely enthralled and wanting to return. We will always love our quite Bed and Breakfast, the boats sleeping in the canals at night and the best gelato we have ever had.



5 Responses to “Venice”

  1. Well said.

    I really miss Paris and Venice. I’m totally ready to go back and have some Il Doge gelato!

  2. Wow! Your trip looks amazing!! I hope Scott and I can take a trip like that someday. =) Can we see picts of the famous people you saw?!

  3. That last comment was from me!

  4. Sounds so awesome. It’s great to read about your trip. It makes me miss you guys so much!
    Happy happy birthday to ya yesterday!!!! I hope it was a great day.

  5. I LOVE the laundry hanging outside as well. My grandmas always did that with their laundry and I’ve always wanted to do that as well, it’s so much better for the environment as well. 🙂

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