I must be honest – my dream trip destination was Italy. I was curious about Paris but not with as much urgency. When we were researching tickets, it was going to be substantially cheaper to fly into Paris then Italy so we thought we could spend a couple of days there and see museums. Then we would take a train and spend the major part of our three weeks in Italy. I am so glad we did!

Shane had been to Paris about 10 years ago with his family and he came home fairly disenchanted with it. I had always hoped to visit, but after hearing about his time there, it lowered down on my destination list. With low expectations, and just a genuine excitement to be in Europe for the first time ever, I was so impressed! But truly, I fell in love with Paris! I have this little test I do when I visit a new place, after I have acclimated to a city, I start to ask myself if I could live there. If the answer is yes, then I find myself falling in love with the place. And Paris was that for me, and I was shocked. But I really could completely see myself immersed in their culture. I adored the neighborhood bakeries and flower shops – the invasion of huge chain stores hadn’t taken over and everyone was still walking down to the corner store to buy fresh food from their friendly clerk. I loved the style and the scarves on every person. I love that they have dedicated an enormous amount of museums to art and the continued appreciation of the arts and artists. I loved the dogs that accompanied their owners in all aspects of their lives. I love the language and want to learn more. I loved the bikes full of fresh fruit and flowers in the front baskets. I loved that while on the trains, the Parisian people are actually talking to each other – not on phones, texting or calling acting unattached to the one with them but rather so in love with the one with them that they don’t even notice anyone else around. They walk. They eat bread. They always wear heels. They paint. They live.


Paris has stayed quaint and charming. It is beautiful in the way you expect it to be when you romanticize it in your head. The modern cityscape has been kept on the outskirts of the city so all the history and beauty is preserved. I just found myself wanting to wonder and explore. I think I could really enjoy an extended stay there. And I would love to go back.




We did all the normal attractions, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arch De Triomphe, walked the Champs Elysees, The Louvre Museum, Museum D’Orsay and the boat tour down the Seine River. We enjoyed parks and cafes. We ate so much bread – it was delicious! I had my first crepe ever. We even saw Shrek The Third in french while trying to kill time before our train left. I really loved Paris with Shane. It is an incredible and beautiful city that I hope to have the chance to enjoy again.


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  1. I miss it so much! Let’s go back!

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