Painting in Iowa

While Shane was in Atlanta for the HOW Design Conference, I headed up to Council Bluffs to spend the week with my parents. Mom and Dad picked the faux painting look they wanted for the living room and this was the perfect time to do it. Dad had preped the wall with a fresh coat of paint before I got there so I was ready to go with the fun stuff. I was glad Mom wasn’t nervous when the first round of paint went up. She did stand behind me on the ladder and moo and we laughed at the “Cow Wall” that was forming before our eyes.


Don’t worry, it ended up looking so much better! I am glad my parents are creative people because they understand that it happens in stages and that round one won’t be the final look. We only faux painted the fire place wall to make it the focal wall of the family room and then the other walls got a fresh coat of “Applesauce Cake” – what a great color! We were all really happy with the room when it was done.



It just warmed up the room. I am so happy for them. They both really seemed to love the change. I always feel good doing something meaningful for them because they have done so much for me. It feels good to give back to your parents.

While I was there it was my Mom’s birthday and I brought her up her birthday gift.



I had faux painted their dining room last summer. When I finished it, my Mom had asked for an elephant painting to go in the room. I was so excited to make that painting for her. I decided to paint a mom and a baby elephant, which is symbolic of the gift from me to her. I love what I do; having the chance to make art for others, but I must say there is something very special to me to make something for those I love and to see how much they enjoy it. I am really thankful for that opportunity and thankful that I have family and friends that want me to do so.

It was a great week with my parents. It isn’t just the three of us very often and I really had a good time being home with them. With Shane gone, Dreyfuss and I were well taken care of up there. Thanks Mom and Dad!


4 Responses to “Painting in Iowa”

  1. I sure missed you guys but the rooms look great!

  2. Jackie Stowell Says:

    Maddie and I checked out Starbucks for a look at your paintings and they all look fabulous!
    Great job!

  3. Alli, the room looks great. I’m sure Tom and Carol are loving it!! And I love the elephant painting; it’s beautiful!!!!

  4. You amaze me! I love the elephant painting.

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