Memorial Day Weekend

Shane and I had a great three day weekend. Friday night we headed out to see the third Pirates movie. Saturday morning Shane went to help his brother and Kelly move into their new place and I waited at home for my parents to get into town. Shane ended up working with Jake until the mid afternoon so the four “Arnolds” headed out to lunch. Later that day, Shane and my Dad played golf and the girls had manicures and pedicures. It was really fun. We met up later at home. Shane taught my family to play poker. Mom loved tossing in her chips for every hand because “it isn’t real money” – we had lots of laughs.

Sunday we had church and then we came home and made taco salad – a meal that all of us with our food issues (vegetarian, gluten intolerance) can enjoy in our own way. Sidna joined us too. It wasn’t long before it was nap time. Later we headed out to Ashley’s to watch the movie “The Guardian”. It was a really good movie.

Memorial Day kicked off with Dad and Ash playing an early round of tennis while Mom, Shane and I stayed home and preped food. Shane was so excited to grill out burgers – real ones – not ones made with beans and soy.


When everyone got back, we all pitched in and helped. Mom and Dad helped with the food. Ash took Dreyfuss and Hawkeye out in the back yard to play – with the intention of wearing them out but Hawkeye never gets tired. He is only one year old and he can play all day. Dreyfuss on the other hand, who is coming up on seven, just can’t keep up. He decided to sit the next round out.


Sidna joined us for the lunch. She brought the ice cream cake which was so delicious! We had a great meal! Burgers (one black bean patty – the rest cow), baked beans, oven baked onion potatoes and veggies. It was perfect for the holiday. We always have fun preparing meals together. Shane and I are lucky that our parents love to cook and be in the kitchen. We all pitch in and do our part which makes cooking and cleaning up go so much faster. Plus you laugh more.

After we finished, we played cards together. We all love to play games. We played hand and foot (thanks Brad and June for teaching us!) and Ashley and I won – well, I know we won the first game at least. It was such a lovely weekend with family. I always wish my folks were living here so we could do this on a regular basis. I wish the activities could be spread out over day to day living instead of all in a short weekend. But I am happy to have them close enough to see as much as we do together. Thanks to our family for joining us! It was a wonderful weekend.



3 Responses to “Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. I had a lot of fun over the weekend too! The highlight was definitely the BURGERS!!!


  2. sorry we missed it but glad you guys could come out to see our new place!

  3. It was terrific being with your family and Shane. I enjoyed learning the new card game, which fortunately wasn’t difficult to learn since it was extremely similar to Canasta. Food was outstanding, but love and sharing and just being together is what I love most. Am SO eager for Ray to return so he can enjoy and we can do it some more!!! Jake and Kelly’s place IS nice!

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