This can’t be normal…or at least I know it isn’t good for me. All I have wanted lately is something sweet! You know the scene in the movie Chocolat – where Alfred Molina’s character goes nuts and eats himself into a chocolate coma and the town people find him the next morning sleeping in the display window in the chocolate – THAT IS HOW I FEEL! I only wish I was him. I want it for breakfast. I find reasons to “pass the M&M jar” to get a hand full (I know, it is a problem that the jar lives in our house anyway). I crave baked goods. I want cakes and brownies and iced cookies. It is terrible! And some of you might be saying “Well, make a cake then and have a piece.” But you don’t understand – I would have zero control! I would sit down with the pan and a fork and eat myself sick – not to mention into such guilt. I can’t keep things around and control the intake. I have had these phases before. There was the summer of rice crispy treats. I would make a batch about every other day – because I would eat them for each meal and polish off the pan! Then there was the fall of the Nutty Bars. I had an intervention from Jake (thanks by the way!) I haven’t been able to have one since because I had to have one every day. Oh, and not one, but both of them in the package.

I am pathetic.

Where’s that M&M jar…


4 Responses to “Dessert”

  1. You are hilarious, honey! So true! I need an M&M jar in my office!

  2. […] She has a funny post today about dessert. GO READ IT! […]

  3. We must have the same wave length, ’cause I was craving M&Ms all day long today and caved. I had bought 2 large bags from Costco about 3 weeks ago for a big meeting we had at our office, and there was one bag left. I had purposely NOT opened the bag so that we could use it for our next meeting in another week, but Angela didn’t know it needed to remain closed. For one thing, once it is opened, there is no control!!! When I found out she’d opened it, it gave me instant craving. So, I immediately found a coffee cup and FILLED it to the brim with M&M Peanuts. It was heaven, but after I wiped my hands and face of chocolate, the guilt…oh, the guilt. LOVE THOSE M&Ms!!!

  4. alli, maybe because of the cravings you are pregnant? ha! just kiddin’ sis. welcome back.

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