November 15 I am thankful for…

our spa day. Shane and I had appointments at Serenity today. It was just what the doctor ordered! Shane had a 75 minute massage and I had the “Santa Express”, which consisted of a 30 minute facial, a 30 minute massage and a hand and foot paraffin. It was very relaxing. What a wonderful way to spend a chilly day. We both realized as we were leaving, that the last time we had been to a spa was for our 5 year anniversary in Santa Fe. It is hard to compare to perfection but it was still a great way to relax. I know many people, feel stuff like this is “frivolous”. We know it is an “extra” and we don’t do it often. But it really is good for you when it comes to reducing stress, helping with circulation and giving you time to slow down the pace of your daily routine and be still. I think we all need a little “frivolous” from time to time. We should enjoy life right! And why not this week while Shane is home on vacation – sounds like the perfect time to me.

I recommend Serenity! The staff is friendly, it is peaceful there and the prices are very reasonable (and they include tip). If you want a massage ask for Kim Gibson. She is great!


2 Responses to “November 15 I am thankful for…”

  1. An excellent place to go. I had a great day with you!

  2. It’s time for this mama-to-be to get one. I’ve had massages that were like spending an hour in prayer. Amazing when that happens.

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