November 14 I am thankful for…

my sister. We have always been great friends, although we got closer as we got into high school. She is one of my best friends now. We even have the chance to coach together. I am thankful for the coaching experience I have had with her. We have coached together for the past three years. It keeps dance alive for us. We had a really productive practice tonight and that always makes it more fun for us to see that things are really being accomplished. After practice we had a little mini sister night. We went to Chipotle for dinner (shocker) and then headed back to my house. We worked on some dance team stuff for a while but then we went downstairs to watch the “Dancing With The Stars Finale”. We had a great time. We laughed and joked. I am pretty lucky to have my sister live so close to me. We get to see each other almost every day. She really does a ton in her life, I am always amazed she can hold it together. She teaches first grade, coaches the high school dance team, she is a mentor to another first grade teacher, she is in grad school and she is the new mommy of “Hawkeye” her 6 month old puppy. She is also in the middle of building her first home. She just does so much. I am thankful for the example of determination and hard work she is for me. And I am most thankful for not only having a sister but having a friend.


One Response to “November 14 I am thankful for…”

  1. It truly is impressive how much she can handle at one time. I’m thankful that you guys have each other to support and listen, particularly in the tough dance team situations.

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