November 10 I am thankful for…

having the chance to attend Shane’s going away party for work. Today, I was invited to the marketing lunch and bowling party for Shane. He has been with PSI for 6 1/2 years and yesterday was his last official day. I was so pleased to have the chance to be there. I was so proud to hear all the kind things his co-workers said and to read all the wonderful compliments they wrote in his card. They made a PowerPoint slide show of photos and funny work memories. One co-worker even did a drawing of him walking out the door waving good-bye, tatoo on the leg and all. It was really touching to be there, not only to see how much he had meant to them but also knowing how much they all meant to him. He was really sad to leave his good friends there. We talked a lot about this decision and we know it is best for him at this time. But I also know he will miss those people. It is great to see that others have had the chance to know the wonderful man that I know. He loved his years at PSI, it came with trials at times but over all he was the biggest advocate for his office. I know he will continue to support them and keep in touch with his friends. I am just happy he left with all the good feelings from both sides. You had an amazing 6 1/2 years Shane! I wish you the best in your new venture! As always, you will be great!


One Response to “November 10 I am thankful for…”

  1. I’m so glad you could be there, too, Alli. You have always been the most wonderful support to me as I have had good and bad times at PSI. Thanks for always being there to support me and thanks for being there on my last day.

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