November 8 I am thankful for…

having fun while exercising! Tonight I went to the Hip Hop class at Bally. Now that is how I like to work out! I miss dancing. Sure, I get some of my fill from coaching it now, but it isn’t the same. I was really excited to see that our gym had a Hip Hop, hour long dance class on Wednesday nights. You warm up, learn an 8-10 eight count dance and then do it over and over again to different songs for the rest of the hour. It was a lot of fun! I wish exercising felt like that all the time!


2 Responses to “November 8 I am thankful for…”

  1. That sounds so fun! I would love to take a class like that! I’m glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Ditto to what Julie said. Sounds awesome!

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