November 5 I am thankful for…

the gift of testimony. Today at church I had the opportunity to give my testimony about the painting I did for the Council Bluffs Central Church (my home congregation growing up). It was a special service and I felt very honored to be asked to share not only the painting but about my process and the blessing it was in my life to my current congregation. I had so many wonderful comments and great feedback after the service. I also had people share their testimonies with me and it really meant a lot. I find a community of believers to be such a gift. When we can lift each other up in prayer, even if we are on different life journeys, we really find strength. I am thankful for all those who listened to me with open minds and kind hearts today. It was a gift to me.


3 Responses to “November 5 I am thankful for…”

  1. You did a remarkable job, Alli, not only on the painting (which is exquisite) but on your delivery to the congregation. I was bursting at the seams with pride! Shane told me afterwards that he was so proud of his wife that his heart was bulging out of his chest. Precious!

  2. Thank you for having me be a part of the service also. I felt some really great things while I was singing. The service went very well and I keep getting flashes of your painting in my mind’s eye. I saw the photo of it on your work site and now knowing the testimony behind the work makes it even more beautiful.

  3. I seriously thought my heart was going to jump out of its chest on Sunday. I was and continue to be so proud of you and your amazing talent.

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