November 4 I am thankful for…

Sidna, my mother-in-law. This week has been a special one. I have had the opportunity to have lunch with her three times, two of which were just us. That is always fun for me. I really enjoy our talks. I have been so blessed to have Shane’s family in my life. I couldn’t have picked a better family for my second one. But I not only have a the relationship with Sidna as a mother-in-law but as one of my dearest friends. I told her today that I look back at my wedding and I am so happy I had her stand up with me as a bridesmaid because she truly is such an important person to me. I am thankful for her today because I have had the chance to share with her this week and she has had the chance to share with me. It is really nice to feel confident in our relationship, to talk openly and to laugh together. We always have fun, be it shopping for new makeup, decorating her house, eating Chipotle or chatting in a car. I just love her dearly!


2 Responses to “November 4 I am thankful for…”

  1. Life has been much fuller in our home since you have been a part of it, Alli. Not only are you a beautiful woman visually, but you have an inner depth and quality that is precious to us. Your love for others, your passions (one of them being Shane), and your respect and love for family is precious to us. Thank you for giving us so much of yourself, and giving me a friendship that is treasured. And thank you for listening…

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