November 2 I am thankful for…

hair appointments. It may be small, it may sound silly. But really, having your hair washed, scalp massaged, then brushed out and dryed slowly with care…ahhh, it is so relaxing! It is wonderful! I love it! I wish Amy could wash and style my hair every day! I really enjoyed mine today. I wasn’t feeling well but it was a nice pick-me-up to have someone pamper me a bit in the afternoon. To all of you who don’t know the glory that is having your hair washed – go and have it done! It is amazing!


3 Responses to “November 2 I am thankful for…”

  1. Gotta agree with you. Having your hair washed ranks up there with having your feet massaged.

  2. Funny you should say that. I’m dying today to get out of here because I’m getting my hair cut. I totally agree with you. Love the head massage!

  3. Is Amy Asian? Does she talk about you in a language you don’t understand, accusing you of being cheap or gay? That trip to the nail place was great. I am glad you got to enjoy a good head rub and cut. that is very relaxing.

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