Movie Review: The Producers

Well this is one of the times I should have listed to Jake. This movie was terrible! Ok, maybe that is a little harsh but it was this strange little film that wouldn’t seem to end. We ordered it at home with our movies on demand. Even in the comfort of my reclining movie couch I couldn’t get into this film. And I LOVE musicals! I love plays and theater and I have loved a lot of the movie adaptations, but this was bad in my opinion. Matthew Broderick has this strange, twitchy thing. He lost the charm he had in the Ferris Bueller Days. Nathan Lane is fine but not enough to carry this movie out of the train wreck. I just didn’t like it at all.


One Response to “Movie Review: The Producers”

  1. i’d heard it was bad – sometimes they just can’t translate from stage to film

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