Vegas Baby!

The surprise was pulled off! Brooke did such an awesome job planning, organizing and delivering an awesome surprise for Jason’s 30th birthday. Months ago, she had sent around emails, asking their friends to join them in Vegas for a weekend in honor of Jason turning 30. It was going to be a total surprise to Jason until the very moment the limo driver knocked on their front door – at 4:45 AM – and told Jason he needed to come with him. When the driver and Brooke walked Jason to the door of the limo, when it opened we all yelled “Vegas Baby!” His face was priceless!


I mean who wouldn’t be a little scared if your wife woke you saying there is a knock on the door at 4ish in the moring and then finding a man standing there saying you needed to come with him. Not to mention that Courtney was hiding in the bushes taking photos. We later found out Jason thought he was either being arrested or that he had won the Publishers Clearing House. Pretty funny! Brooke ran him back inside to get some pants on and his awesome “Vegas Baby” shirt and we were off. She had him all packed, bagels and drinks in the limo for everyone, plus she had made two dessert pizzas! It was awesome!


We were off to the airport and with the fun in the limo, you would never have known it was before 5:00 AM.

NOTE: Here is a tip for all of you who, like me, don’t A. look at your drivers liscense very often or B. fly very often. Mine had expired on my birthday this August. That doesn’t go over very well at airport security. So I had to be escorted to a “special” area to be checked. When they asked me if I had any liquids in my bag I said yes, but that I had them in the 3 oz. bottles like they needed to be. They then asked if they were in a zip lock bag. I said, “Not a zip lock but a clear bag. Would you like to see it?” She wasn’t happy but she agreed to let me show her. I had this travel bag that was all clear and seperated into three zipped areas – apparently that isn’t good enough – it must be in a zip lock bag, and the sandwich size, not the gallon. So they sent me back to check my bag. So I ran…to find a line a mile long. I waited and waited and finally checked in with a friendly lady who said “well, you are late so your bag probably won’t make it on the plane” and she tagged my bag with a bright green LATE sticker and threw it onto the conveyer belt. I then ran back to my gate as I am hearing my name being said over the airport intercom. But again, expired liscense, so off I go to the special check line. I threw off my jacket and shoes and stood with arms out, legs apart showing I was ready and cooperating. Then I had some guy say, “Are you going on the Vegas flight” and I said “Yes” and he said “I need you to get on the plane” and I said “I need my shoes and my jacket” so finally they finshed checking my stuff over and I grabbed my jacket and shoes, didn’t even put them on, and ran to the gate where Shane was waiting, looking a bit afraid I may not make it. We ran onto the plane where all our friends greeted us with applause. We were off to Vegas!

We got in at 7:30 AM Vegas time and had a full day of fun ahead.

NOTE: An expired licsense doesn’t go over well with casinos. After a fantastic buffet, we all went to sign up for our players cards and bag of free goodies. But they wouldn’t sign me up since it was expired. I had a moment of hysteria as I thought I might not get to hit the roulette table. Had I blown my chances of gambling with this stupid expired ID? I will just leave it at this, no I did not. A dollar amount does not need to be revealed but I was able gamble. I did get carded while playing a couple of times which made me feel good…never feels bad to be mistaken for 21.

The weekend was great! Good friends and lots of laughs! We stayed at Harrah’s Casino. Mike and Jen had a friend there so we got the hook up on the rooms. Plus, you could walk out of the casino, make an immediate right and be in the Chipotle! AWESOME! They also had a great place for pizza by the slice and then there is always the buffet. Way too much food!


On the last night, Brooke, Jason, Shane and I went to see LOVE – the Cirque Du Soleil show done all to Beatles music.  It was truely amazing! I have never seen anything like it! I loved it so much! It was two hours of gorgeous color, constant stimulation with dance and music, acrobatics, roller blading and trampolines. People flew through the air, a huge sheet covered the entire audience at one point and graphics of the four Beatles projected all around. It was fantastic! I am not even a huge Beatle fan and you couldn’t help but be swept into the magic. I want to see all Cirque shows now! If you are in Vegas – see this show!


We did the usual stuff: the Bellagio fountains, went to the Golden Nugget (in honor of Chevy Chase, “what number am I thinking of? 4? No 7”) met funny people, hit the slots and stayed up way too late. It was a blast. Happy 30th Jason! We had a great time celebrating with all of you!


6 Responses to “Vegas Baby!”

  1. It was an incredible trip. I’m going to write about it on my site when I get a chance.

  2. I usually don’t speak for my wife, as she does a lot of speaking on most occasions, but in this case I will…We had a great time and what a fabulous idea Brooke had. It was great spending time with you and Shane down there, sooo much fun. I will cherish the memories and the 15 pounds I gained eating at the Harrah’s buffet!! Freakin Chiefs –BOOOOOO, and Yankees too —Double BOOOOO.

    Some of my top memories:
    -Thanks to Brooke for the funniest moment of the trip in my eyes. Sitting at the Buffet(where else) and leaving no doubt of who the winner of the ‘word’ game was!!! I was in tears

    -Brett clearing out the Mirage with the nastiest shart I have smelled since college.

    -Brooke winning, then losing, then winning, then losing, then winning, then losing.

    -My new favorite team The Colorado Bulldogs!!

    -Jenn giving the business to the bell hop manager…She is master of ‘rude in a nice way’

    -A bunch of Kansas idiots stalking Coach K

    -Alli and the expired license fiasco!!!

    …and so many more.

  3. Brooke is so awesome. What a great!!! surprise. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Nice to hear they have a Chipotle out there.
    Can I just say, what’s up with the state of Kansas not telling you your license was going to expire?!?!? That’s bizarre.
    Whew, I’m glad you made it. How awful that would have been.
    Love to our Vegas pals!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip twin. I am going to Vegas next week for a “conference”. I hope to find a casino like cousin eddies where I can play paper rock scissors and pick a number. Buffets are great too…”I’ll have a bit of the yellow” I may try to duplicate the 23 magic on the roulette wheel if I feel so moved. Vegas baby!

  5. Well, even if you knew your license was expired and you’d gotten the stupid “receipt paper” license the day before, they still would have hassled you about the ID. It’s ridiculous that the license office is closed on Mondays, and that it takes up to six weeks to get your new license printed and sent to you.

    Once I’m elected Governor of the Great State of Kansas, all will change!!!

  6. […] Alli’s post pretty much sums it up. Great trip. Awesome surprise. Well done, Brooke. […]

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