Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine

This is such a great, quirky film. You have your mom and dad characters. Mom has been married before with a son and the dad is unemployed and fixated on “Being A Winner”. The angst ridden teenage son took a vow of silence until he makes his goal of being a pilot. The daughter is adorable and dreams of being Miss USA. You also have drug addicted Grandpa that lives with them because he was kicked out of the nursing home and the mother’s brother who has just been released from the hospital for trying to kill himself. They are all together in this little home sharing dinner together in the beginning of the movie and you realize all the disfunction that is sitting around the bucket of KFC. What I loved about this movie is they function within their disfunction. They all load in the van to take a road trip to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant and in that small, confined area, it begins. I really liked watching the dynamics of each personality, how they interacted with love or anger, and the many ways communication comes across.  I think in so many ways each family is like that, we all function within our disfunction. We may not have the same issues as this family, but we all have our tics. What family, you also always have love.

It is not a comedy in the conventional way but you will laugh. It is a different movie, but a good one. Kind of along the lines of  Pieces of April but lighter. Comment if you have seen it. I would like to hear what you thought.


3 Responses to “Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine”

  1. I really enjoyed it too. I was planning on reviewing it, but maybe I won’t now that you have…

    we all function within our disfunction.

    Great quote by the way.

  2. I too thought it was a funny movie. I loved the part when the grandfather gives this grandson words or wisdom in the backseat of the car. Classic!!

  3. I loved the part where the police officer was inspecting the contents of the trunk and was captivated by the magazines. Greg Kinnear’s character’s response of “Sweet, sweetness” was just too priceless!
    Brilliant movie, so inspiring, glad you posted the review… may we all be ourselves and live like Olive, and the rest of the family when they woke up from the spell!
    Grandpa sure helped break the spell!

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