Too Much TV

Our free DVR (thanks Shane for yelling at Comcast!) has changed our life and not in a constructive way. It used to be that with any evening obligations, we missed TV shows – there for we got attached to less and watched less. But now, we have all “our shows” set to record and we catch up on everything. We just sit down when we get home, press play on the shows we missed that night and fast forward through all the commercials. Don’t get me wrong, it is awesome! But now we have way to many shows and this fall proves to be no different.

The Veterans

The Office – One of our favorites last year! Shane and I love this show and we look forward to it each week.

LOST – Such a great show. We are fans of JJ Abrams from Alias (sniffle, sniffle). You can’t really miss and episode with this show. I am looking forward to this season.

How I Met Your Mother – It was new last year but it was one Shane and I got into right from the first episode. We love this show – the cast, the humor, the concept. It is great and I hope season 2 is just as good.

Then you have the Reality Show line up: Project Runway (Love it!) Top Chef (starting up as soon as Project Runway finishes) Dancing With The Stars (that’s right, Shane watches this too) and that show is a two night commitment with the results show. And whenever the Apprentice is on we watch it too.

The Rookies

Studio 60 – We saw the first episode and loved it! I love Matthew Perry and I think he will be great in this show. I hope is stays good…I hope it stays on.

Til’ Death – Not sure about this one yet. The first two episodes haven’t impressed me as of yet. We’ll see. It won’t my time if it doesn’t get better soon.

6 Degrees – Again, must support JJ Abrams. Good cast, sounds interesting. Haven’t seen it yet but high hopes.

The Class – Shane and I are hoping for a Friends show in this one. We know nothing will ever take the place of our favorite show in our hearts but it is from the same people so we are giving it a shot. The first episode was ok, predictable but it could be cute.

There are others Shane is planning on checking out, I am not sure yet if I want to add more to my list. There are also those that seem to slip onto the DVR some how (eh um, Shane) like Scrubs, My Name Is Earl and Deal or No Deal which are fine but not true commitments for me. Shane has a good post about the shows as well. I think we are the only people NOT watching Grey’s Anatomy but now it is the start of season 3, we would need to rent the DVD’s and catch up. What shows are you watching?


8 Responses to “Too Much TV”

  1. Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, Studio 60 (awesome. really excited to see how this one pans out. stellar cast) World Series of Poker 2006, House, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, My Name is Earl, Happy Hour (new one, but really funny. sucks because they are predicting it will be the first show cancelled this fall), ‘Till Death (i think this is decently funny, but could see it getting cancelled soon), Heroes (haven’t watched yet, but look forward to it), Six Degrees (haven’t watched yet, but look forward to it), LOST, Smallville, Weeds, Ultimate Fighter Season 4.

    i watched the first episode of The Class and thought it sucked. this show will be lucky if i even give it another chance. i hope Happy Hour stays on, because it is one of the new funny shows on. way funnier than ‘Till Death. show i’m most excited for: Tie between LOST and The Office. i watch too much tv.

  2. Me too. Obviously. I’ve seen the first 10 minutes of the new season of My Name is Earl (starting tonight baby!) and it looks hilarious. That show is really starting to gain some steam.

  3. My list of shows: project runway, Las Vegas, Grey’s anatomy ( our new favorite). I do want to check out Studio 60 ( anything with Chandler in it deserves a look)

  4. Grey’s Anatomy is the only one I’m committing to. I don’t like watching TV enough to get hooked to alot of shows–though a lot of the ones you listed are great. My name is Earl would be on my list too. My life just happens to seem happier and more fulfilling when the TV is not on. Enjoy the fall lineup!!

  5. I agree DVRs are both the greatest invention (after the iPod) of the last 30 years but they can make you a slave to TV. I agree with Jake, Studio 60 was really go0d – it felt like the West Wing in Hollywood.

    Last night’s The Office was so funny.

    see you Saturday.

  6. I’m lovin’ Dog the Bounty Hunter (of course), Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, Las Vegas (when it starts), and like Rich said our new love, Grey’s Anatomy. We hadn’t watched it either but so many of our friends were constantly talking about it we finally decided to Netflix the Season dvds, and we’re thrilled we did. There are a few others I think, but those are the main ones I enjoy. I’d also like to check out Chandler’s new show.

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