I know what’s wrong…

I haven’t been to the movies since…August 20something! That is a month! That is a life time in this house hold! I can’t believe Shane and I are surviving! I really want to go! I want some popcorn, a smoothie, the huge screen, awesome previews and 2 hours of an escape into a story. I want to laugh, cry, jump out of my seat. I want to go to the first show of the day and stay there until they close, seeing movie after movie! Ahhhh, that sounds nice! We just haven’t had a spare minute to breath let alone take 2 hours out for a movie. I hope to soon, if this dry spell goes two months we may be in some serious despair…


One Response to “I know what’s wrong…”

  1. Amen to that. But now, we at least have a lot we want to see.

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