Book Review: 52 Projects – Random Acts of Everyday Creativity

I found out about this book through the blog world. I read other “arts and crafts” blogs from time to time and this book was a constant on their reading lists. I thought it sounded fantastic and inspirational so I added it to my Amazon Wish List. Lucky me, Rich and Sarah sent it to me for my birthday. Once I picked it up I thought I would try to read one project a week but I just couldn’t put it down. I found myself high-lighting and writing notes in the margin. It was great!

The book is written by Jeffrey Yamaguchi (that’s right – a guy wrote this!) He is trying to prove that we can all be creative in some way and not only that, but it would be good for us to explore that part of ourselves. It talks about the ruts we all fall into, unhappy in our jobs, a night of mindless TV watching or web surfing and then what? Repeat over and over? He proposes that we all invest our time and efforts into meaningful projects. He outlines 52 projects that will help stir inspiration, good feelings and connections with important people. Some I found myself wanting to do right now, some I circled and want to modify a bit. It is meant to help us use our time for intersting and significant things using photography, letters, gifts, art, memory boxes, surprises, books, parties…the list goes on. The projects don’t take a lot of money – or any at all. Having the book written by a man, the projects aren’t too crafty – they are more about memories and special times with friends.

It is a very cool book. It is one I would like to buy for all my friends. Especially my Project Friend! It really could pick you up out of a rut. If you are feeling down about work, family, friends…whatever, this book will give you at least 52 reasons to chanel that energy into something fun and positive. Let me know if you read it!


2 Responses to “Book Review: 52 Projects – Random Acts of Everyday Creativity”

  1. I like the new design, honey! I’m excited to read this book too.

  2. LOOOOOOOVE the new design!! When I sent this book to you I flipped through a few pages and also thought I could find it interesting. As your “Project Friend” I would love to have this book as well some day! Great post.

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