Goodbye Big Blue

Big Blue was the “name” of my Uncle Lloyd’s blue bandana that he always had in his back pocket as a hanky. Unlce Lloyd passed away Friday after an eight month battle with lung cancer. He was in his home, surrounded by his family and went peacefully.

I have memories of my uncle and would just like to take a moment to honor his life the way I saw him through my eyes. He was my dad’s older brother. He took over my Grandpa Arnold’s  business “Arnold Tool and Die” and kept a very successful family business going. He was always Santa on the mornings of Arnold Family Christmas. He always hosted the best Fourth of July volleyball matches in his back yard court (down in a clearing in the woods surrounding his house). He was one of those adults who let the “kids” play on his awesome pool table. He dedicated his basement bathroom to his high school colors -black and orange – GO TJ! He had a great sense of humor, an infectious smile and a generous heart. He always supported Ashley and I in our sports or dance events, buying cookies or frozen foods. He gave to us when we were trying to raise money for trips or uniforms. He lived a full life. One that included many golf days with my dad. And of course…there is Big Blue.

Although I haven’t been in Council Bluffs the past six years, he will be missed. My heart goes out to my dad, he lost his big brother. But my dad holds onto great moments and I know those memories will lead him through his healing as time goes on. We were home all weekend until late last night for the funeral. Unlce Lloyd was layed to rest with his Big Blue in his hands. How perfectly fitting.


4 Responses to “Goodbye Big Blue”

  1. The times that I spent with Lloyd were always enjoyable, whether they were at family events or on the golf course. He was a great guy and I know that he will be missed by many people.

  2. Alli-You captured alot of neat things about Lloyd and the support he gave you and Ashley growing up. Big Blue was his trademark and he loved the roles he played in the family. Thanks for the support of your presence, along with Shane and Ashley. It made my loss more bearable and gives me a measure of hope as we all move forward and keep Lloyd’s positive influence in our lives. Love you. Dad

  3. sorry to hear about your loss. it sounds like he was a terrific uncle.

  4. Thank you for sharing your uncle’s story. We are so sorry for your loss.

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